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Model Railways

Debbie Porter

Toy trains are for children of all ages!

The first railway sets were made by Marklin in Germany in 1891, but it was a group of English hobbyists who in 1904 began model building.  The first electric models were introduced just before WWI.  Rovex Plastics Ltd founded by Alexander Gregory Vanetzian developed an electric toy train for Christmas 1950, and toy trains are still a popular Christmas gift today.

Rovex Plastics was bought out by Lines Bros and in 1951 sold under the Tri-ang Railways name.  

Tri-ang Railways was a British manufacturer of toy trains, one of the elements of the Lines Bros Ltd company who traded using the brands Tri-ang, Minic, Pedigree and Frog.  The Tri-ang Railways name was dropped a few years after Lines Bros took over the Hornby name although the majority of the trains were still the original Tri-ang models.

We have a huge collection of model trains, Tri-ang Hornby 00 Gauge and 0 Gauge Precision made models in our June 10th Antiques, Collectables & Fine Art Sale.  Our catalogue will be available soon.

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