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Our Record Breaking Sale – July 2022 Fine Art Auction

Debbie Porter

Although we have already done a brief recap on our July Fine Art sale, we wanted to touch on it again and go into more detail in other areas, and also give a proper report on the star seller of the auction. The Bunnykins tableau prototype titled ‘Celebration Time’ – selling for a record price of £35,500 – is a record for us at Potteries Auctions, and a possible World Record for Bunnykins! Before we get to the star of the sale, however, we’ll look at some other fantastic lots that may have got lost in its shadow.


5 Austrian Ducats

The first items we will be looking at are a few different lots from the same collection – lot numbers 1772, 1773, 1774 and 1775 – which are multiple sets of Austrian 1 Ducats from 1915, all weighing it at 3.5g, and gold graded at 936. Near fine gold! The first lot featured five Austrian 1 Ducats and sold for £845.

4 Austrian ducats

Next, we have lot number 1773, a set of four, which sold for £680.

3 Austrian ducats

The next lot is number 1774, a set of three, which sold for £550!

2 Austrian ducats

The final lot of this collection is number 1775, a set of two, which sold for £420.


A four piece set of teaware by Edward Viners

We had many lovely pieces of silver and jewellery in the sale too. Let’s have a look at silver first! First up, we have lot number 1707 – a four piece set of teaware by Edward Viners, hallmarks for Sheffield in 1942. Weighing in at 2040g and in lovely condition, this set sold for £1120.

A large QEII salver

Next, we have lot number 1709 which is a large QEII salver, with hallmarks for Birmingham from 1952. Weighing in at 1762g, it sold for a total of £810!

A silver mounted claret jug

The last piece of silverware we’ll be looking at is lot number 1710. A gorgeous silver mounted claret jug made in Birmingham, 1969. Bearing the coat of arms for the ‘Moynigan Chirurgical Club’. There is a story to this that constitutes to its value, which one of our specialists sums up perfectly!

‘A letter in 1909 led to the first meeting of the Moynihan Club which was held in July of that year. It included an informal discussion about “the need for a Society of Clinical Surgery and the methods of forming it”.

It was the first Club of its kind in the British Isles. In Manchester in 1911, it was decided that it would initially be known as “The Chirurgical Club”. In 1929, in recognition to Lord Moynihan who had recently been honoured by the King by being raised to the peerage, the Club changed its name to “The Moynihan Chirurgical Club”.

In October 1932, the Club agreed to the suggestion of Professor Grey Turner to adopt as its motto: “Without Frontiers”.

The original minutes and records of the Club were destroyed by enemy action in the “Blitz” on Sheffield at the house of Professor Ernest Finch, the Honorary Secretary, on December 12th and 13th 1940. Full reports do exist of many of the past meetings.’

A very interesting story which you wouldn’t have known at first glance, for a lovely piece in good condition! This lot sold in the end for £325.

An 18ct gold and diamond set bracelet

Now, let’s move onto jewellery. We had many gorgeous pieces in this sale, starting with lot 1790 which is a gorgeous 18ct gold and diamond set bracelet, weighing in at 34.1g. Stamped at .750 and tested, this lot went under the hammer for £1170.

An 18ct gold hallmarked black opal and diamond cluster ring

Next up we have lot 1794 which is an outstanding 18ct gold hallmarked black opal and diamond cluster ring, supplied by Boodles. A small ring, but featuring high grade diamonds, this gorgeous piece sold for a grand total of £2110.

A white gold and diamond fascinator style ring

Next we have a gorgeous white gold and diamond fascinator style ring, exceeding 2 carats of diamonds. With a set of 11 pear cut diamonds and 38 brilliant cut white diamonds, and weighing in at 6.4g, it sold for £1240! A truly lovely piece.

A pair of diamond drop earrings

Finally, we have lot number 1925 which is a stunning pair of diamond drop earrings, each featuring a half carat central stone. The large diamonds are surrounded by 11 separate smaller diamonds. Complete with its original box from a Vienna jeweller. This lot has been acquired from an estate collection of Austrian Nobility, and it really shows, selling for a deserving price of £2110.


a TAG Heuer Carrera Porsche special edition chronograph men’s watch

This sale really spared no quality as you can see so far. Here are some absolutely fantastic watches, starting with lot number 1991, which is a TAG Heuer Carrera Porsche special edition chronograph men’s watch, in fully working order as new. This was received as an unwanted gift – which still baffles us all as this piece is simply stunning – and sold for a total of £2480!

A gentleman’s Tudor Oyster perpetual date chronograph wristwatch

Next, we have lot number 2001 which is an incredible gentleman’s Tudor Oyster perpetual date chronograph wristwatch, model number 9421. With a black dial, and a stainless steel Rolex bracelet, this piece sold for a massive £6670! A very worthy price, we must say.

An Omega seamaster professional Ploprof 600 dive watch

Next up, we have lot number 2032 which is a fantastic Omega seamaster professional Ploprof 600 dive watch, with a dark blue D3 dial. In ticking order, but with some visible wear, but in this instance we really think it adds to the aesthetic of the piece. It has real character! This watch sold for an impressive £5000.

An 18ct gold venus ladies wristwatch

The final watch for today’s recap is a real stunner, lot number 1993 which is an 18ct gold venus ladies wristwatch with a heavy bracelet. Weighing in at an impressive 61.4g, this piece sold for a total of £1890.

Royal Worcester

A Royal Worcester two handled vase and cover decorated by Charles Baldwin

It wouldn’t be a Potteries Auctions sale without pottery! Let’s dive into some fantastic lots by starting with the likes of Royal Worcester. First up, we have lot number 1212 which is a gorgeous two handled vase decorated by Charles Baldwin. Featuring a gorgeous seagull design on a pale blue finish. The top finial had some restoration, but that didn’t stop this piece from selling for an impressive £10,700.

A Royal Worcester shell vase

Next, we have lot 1213 which is a 19th century gilded pearlescent shell vase on a pedestal. Modelled by James Hadley, the vase is formed as a nautilus shell decorated through with putti. The column features a very interesting design made of sea creatures and mermen. The final gold and silver decoration was done by Callowhill. A truly unique piece which is sure to catch anyone’s eye! This piece sold for a sizeable amount of £2800 – a fitting price for such a unique piece.

A Royal Worcester gilded two handled footed dish

Next up we have lot number 1214, which is a lovely gilded two handled footed dish, featuring a lovely fruit design by E Townsend. Definitely a piece on the simpler side relative to the last couple, but lovely nonetheless. This lot went for a hammer price of £2480.

A pair of Royal Worcester fallen fruit design vases

Our penultimate piece of Royal Worcester in this recap is lot number 1245, a pair of vases featuring a similar fruit design to the last piece, however it takes on a different character of its own from its design. Featuring a hand painted fallen fruit design, signed Roberts, and with a black backstamp, this lot sold for a total of £1740. Beaten by its footed dish cousin, but still a fair price!

Our final showcase for Royal Worcester is a very similar pair of vases to the fallen fruit design, however this lot has a different theme. Lot 1272 features a gorgeous hand painted highland cattle design signed by H Stinton with a green backstamp, and sold for a deserving price of £2610.


A Moorcroft prestige lupin vase

Moorcroft is a company which has undergone many changes in its lifespan, which is reflected through different designs over the years. We’ve chosen some pieces here which showcase the different eras of work. Starting with the newer era of Moorcroft, we have lot number 1137 which is a prestige lupin vase signed by designer Kerry Goodwin. Dated 2014, and number 7 of a limited edition, this piece sold for £1600.

A Moorcroft prestige colour of nature vase

Following the newer side of design, we have lot number 1138 which is a ‘prestige colour of nature’ vase. A trial piece by designer Emma Bossons, and dated 7/8/19. This pattern went on to start production as a numbered edition in the following year, 2020. This piece went for a hammer price of £1500!

A Moorcroft Claremont salt pot

Now, we will look at some original pieces done by none other than founder William Moorcroft. Starting with lot number 1186, we have a lovely salt pot decorated in the Claremont design on light green ground, circa 1920 with impressive marks. This piece really shows the appeal of early Moorcroft, since a piece as small as this has such a lovely design, and sold for a fair price of £500.

A Moorcroft moonlit blue design vase

Our final Moorcroft piece for this recap is lot number 1188, which is an absolutely stunning vase featuring a moonlit blue design circa 1925. The colours pop so much and are almost neon – the pictures just don’t do it justice. This piece sold for a total of £620, an absolute steal! Although there is a clear influence through the changes in design over the years, the more vintage pieces of Moorcroft definitely have a unique charm.

Royal Doulton

A Royal Doulton Lambeth salt glazed Boer war soldier

To finish the recap of such a great sale, we have the esteemed Royal Doulton. Starting with lot number 345, we have a Doulton Lambeth Boer war soldier. A salt glazed figure, signed by John Broad circa 1901. There is good restoration to both hands, but otherwise is in great condition. This piece sold for £2235.

A Royal Doulton flambe mountain goat

Next up we have a great example of Royal Doulton’s legendary flambe, lot number 421. This lovely piece is a prototype model of a mountain goat, with mottled red, blue and orange colours throughout the base. This is an impressed model, however it features no factory stamp. It sold for a fair £1060.

An early Royal Doulton prototype figure of ‘The Cobbler’

Next, we have lot 406 which is an early prototype figure of ‘The Cobbler’ by Charles Noke. It has an impressed date of 1921, labelled as model number 355. This was definitely sought after by many bidders, and eventually sold for a grand total of £3720.

The next lot certainly isn’t for everyone, be wary if you have a fear of clowns!

A Royal Doulton clown jug

Lot number 500 is a character jug of a red haired clown, and is as interesting as it is creepy. Even so, it didn’t scare the bidders off as it went on to sell for an impressive £1600!

Now, for the moment you’ve been waiting for, we have lot number 225 which is a Bunnykins prototype tableau titled ‘Celebration Time’, dated 1998. Our owner, Bill Buckley, explains the history of the piece which contributes to its value.

‘There is reported to be only two of these tableaus to have been on the market. The concept of design was meant to be released at the turn of the millennium, but was eventually scrapped by Royal Doulton. One was sold by Doulton to a charity auction in 2001, and sold for approximately £8500. The other appeared in the Bonhams sale of the Royal Doulton archive sales in 2003.’

There were several bidders which drove it up to £10,000, but soon after it became a bidding war between two serious collectors, and was eventually won by an Australian collector for a record breaking £35,000. We’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate the bidder and thank everyone who bidded on this lot. You all contributed to making history for the world of Bunnykins!

a Bunnykins prototype tableau titled ‘Celebration Time’

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