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Hammersley China For Auction

Located in the Potteries, Hammersley were producers of fine bone chinaware and was best known for its floral styles and patterns. Hammersley China at auction is popular and highly valuable, with many items passing through our auctioneer doors. It’s also often of particular interest to anyone in the Potteries local area.

Potteries Auctions can identify and provide valuations on a wide range of Hammersley pottery pieces.

Popular Hammersley China at Auction

Lot 754
A collection of Hammersley floral decorated tea ware

Sold March 2022

Sale Price £100

Lot 543
A Hammersley Grand Baroque heavily gilded 22 piece tea set

Sold November 2021

Sale Price £580

Lot 787
A Hammersley Lorna Doone tea set

Sold September 2021

Sale Price £200

Lot 361
A collection of boxed Hammersley china bells

Sold November 2018

Sale Price £1,050

Lot 756
A collection of floral decorated Hammersley tea, dinner & ornamental items

Sold March 2022

Sale Price £340

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Hammersley Pottery Facts

  • As of the 1970s and 80s, Hammersley were producing a variety of different patterns and themes – mostly floral, but also Oriental-inspired designs as well as some limited geometric patterns. Each pattern was available on specific ranges of shape styles, such as ‘Queen Anne’ and ‘Trilby’.
  • The vast majority of items produced took the form of tea and tableware, supplemented by a variety of miniatures and fancies, consisting of such items as sweet dishes, candlesticks, bird-shaped salt and pepper pots and many other assorted items.
  • Between 1887 and 1912, Hammersley pieces were identifiable by an impressed or printed ‘H & C’ or ‘H & Co’, often accompanied by a crown. After 1912, this became ‘HAMMERSLEY & Co’ and was always accompanied by a crown. Up until 1939, the mark would also include the place name ‘LONGTON, STOKE-on-TRENT’ along with the addition of ‘ENGLAND’.

The History of Hammersley Chinaware

The business began life in 1862 as Adams, Scrivener & Co – the ‘& Co’ being Mr Titus Hammersley – and was situated at the Sutherland Road Works. Mr Scrivener’s retirement a few years later led to the business to being continued as Harvey Adams & Co. Meanwhile, Titus Hammersley had a second business interest in Hammersley, Freeman & Co, located at the adjoining Prince of Wales Works.

In 1875, Titus Hammersley passed away, and was succeeded by his eldest son, George Harris Hammersley. He would continue the business along with Harvey Adams until 1885, when Adams would retire. This would lead to the business being continued as Hammersley & Co, run by George Harris and Sarah Hammersley.

Only 3 years later, George would be replaced as principle by his brother, Gilbert. Gilbert’s sons, Eric V and Leslie B, would also join the business in 1910 and 1919, respectively. 1932 then saw the company renamed to Hammersley and Co (Longton) Ltd. They would continue as such until 1966, when they sold out to Copeland – who were in partnership with Spode – in 1966.

Four years later, they would be bought by Carborundum Ltd, who had also purchased W T Copeland in 1966. In 1976, Royal Worcester purchased the Spode name and Hammersley became part of the Royal Worcester and Spode group.

Finally, in 1988, the brand was sold to Aynsley China, where items under the name are sold to this day – although any link to the original business is by name alone.

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